Canada is a country in North America that shares a border with Alaska (USA) In the west and also shares a maritime border with Denmark; Canada surprisingly happens to be the second-largest country in the world with about 9.98 million square miles while Russia comes first; with a small population of about 38.01 million as of 2020 Canada happens to be among the first choice for other foreign nationals who want to immigrate.Canada also has two official languages which are English and French, with the Canadian dollar (CAD) being their official currency; Canada also practices a constitutional monarch system which is similar to that of the United Kingdom (UK), in which the monarch is the head of state and the prime minister being the head of government.With about 300,000 people immigrating to Canada annually, the country has grown to be the country with the highest number of immigrants globally, according to statistics, and the number one choice for everyone.Below are a few reasons why people love migrating to Canada:
  1. good quality of living
  2. Canada is the world’s most educated country (63% of Canadian have graduated from college)
  3. peaceful to live in
  4. little or no crime rate
So, if you are still considering moving to Canada and are unsure which way to go about it, I will be listing some most effortless ways to migrate to Canada from any part of the world.